Wednesday, October 10, 2012

CwCheat System (Any Psp Device)

Installing the CWCheats:

1. Plug-in your PSP to your computer, open it, then proceed to the "seplugins" folder.

2. Look for and open the "cwcheat" folder.

3.Look for (an) icon(s) that looks like this:

 It's usually named "cheat.db". ".db" stands for database. Sometimes though depending on your seplugins version, it could be named and in multiple files "CHEAT1.db, CHEAT2.db" vice versa. There's also a "cheatspops.db" file in here. Ignore that. We're after CWCheats.

4.Right click the file, choose "Open with", "Select the appropriate program from the list", then finally select Notepad. The file should open in notepad with lots of numbers that at first won't make any sense.

5. I'm assuming that you have already a cwcheat on hand as you're reading this. Open your cheat, copy it all, and paste it in the "cheats.db" file you've open with Notepad.

6. Save your file. That's it. You're fine to go. Just to make sure, your final file should look like this:


7. Unplug your PSP from the computer and completely turn it off (long off). Open it again while holding the R button. You should be in your CFW's Recovery Menu. Or Just Press ''Select'' Then choose Recovery mode

8. Go to "Plugins". See to it that your CWCheats are enabled. If they are, exit the recovery area. You're done.

Using codes:
1. Play the game you want to cheat. Load your file or whatever.

2. When you're actually playing already, hold the Select button for 3 seconds. A black screen would appear and will brick your PSP rendering it irrepairable resulting to its becoming a paperweight your whole life. Just kidding. The CWCheats menu would appear. It looks like Windows MS-DOS.

3. Look for "Enable cheats". It's initially set to [N]. Set it to [Y] by pressing the X button.

4. Look for "Reload Cheat Database". This line here will load the .db file you have saved your cheat on.

You have four cheat databases in your PSP and you have saved your cheat on cheat3.db


You should change the [0] in the circled area to [3]. This way your cheat will be loaded and applied in-game.
5. The "Select Cheats" option will allow you to choose the cheats you want to enable/disable. So if your game always becomes 100% complete after applying your cheat.db file, proceed to "Select Cheats". Chances are you're gonna find a "100% Complete" cheat there. Turn it off.

6. After applying all desired options, select "Return to Game". You should feel filthy by now, cheating your way through all those monsters and rare items. I mean, you should feel happy now, cheating your way through all those monsters and rare items.

Something to note though. If your game freezes while using cheats (usually followed by a sudden PSP shutdown), disable it. Sometimes the cheats would work through even if the CWCheat is disabled. Other than that, I haven't experienced any other problems. 

For those having a difficult time figuring the instructions above, please play the CWCheat Installation tutorial clip below:

Download Link:  

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